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Internet FAQ’s

Enjoy lightening fast internet speeds up to 50.0 Mbps where available.
No. Internet will work on an existing phone line without tying up your phone line.
Yes. Internet allows transmission of data and voice simultaneously.
No. Data and voice are transmitted at different frequencies. The voice frequency is so low it will not interfere with the Internet bandwidth.
A computer and a network interface card (NIC).
Please contact Customer Care at 336-879-5684 for more information concerning Internet modems or email
A Network Interface Card enables your computer to transmit and receive high-speed data. There are many manufacturers of network interface cards, such as 3Com, Netgear, and Linksys. Network interface cards are also referred to as 10/100 ethernet adapters. often computers have a NIC built in.
You can contact Customer Care Representative at 336-879-5684.
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