FAQ – Wireless

Yes, Randolph Wireless uses a variety of numbers which are local numbers for most Randolph Telephone customers. Just let us know what area you want a local number for. Special requests may take several business days to fulfill.
Yes, Randolph Wireless will gladly allow you to keep your current cell phone number. Just bring in your present cellular phone bill, and we will take the steps to port your number.
Possibly. It must be GPS-compatible and use CDMA technology. All Randolph Wireless phones are GPS-enabled. Just bring in your phone, and we will gladly qualify the phone.
Yes, $35 per phone number (or phone line).
Randolph Wireless has nationwide coverage where there is a CDMA wireless network.
Your bill will be due when your regular RTMC bill is due.

There are two wireless plan/usage cycles:
• 7th – 6th: minutes reset on the 7th of each month
• 23rd – 22nd: minutes reset on the 23rd of each month

Note: Your 1st bill and plan minutes may be prorated depending on your date of activation.

Activation, equipment cost, and cost of any accessories are expected at time the account is opened. Only monthly plan and usage charges will be billed monthly.

Yes, please call a Customer Care Consultant to add international calling to your account.
  • If calls are made FROM an international location to the nationwide calling area, the customer will be charged a roaming fee and surcharges/fees associated with the international service provider for using their towers.
  • $1.09 + roaming when calling from Country to US. (Not sure on price of roaming it is based on the towers of the carriers in that country.)
  • International calls will use cell phone minutes.
Type 2 International SMS:

  • Type 2 International SMS is text messaging that originates within the US yet the messaging back and forth involves a number outside the US. These CDRs will not go against the end user’s SMS Package if they have one, but will be an additional charge.
  • $0.20 per message

Type 3 International SMS:

  • Type 3 International SMS is text messaging that originates outside the US. Another way of defining this usage is International “Roaming” SMS. These CDRs will not go against the end user’s SMS Package if they have one, but will be an additional charge.
  • $0.40 per message
  • Data Roaming can be both domestic and international. There are several flags to identify data roaming based on the technology 1X or EVDO. Any data roaming session will not go against the end users data package but will generate an additional per kilobyte charge.
  • $0.0035 per KB
Personal Hotspot is current not available to Randolph Wireless customers
You must add the cell phone protection within the first 14 days of service.
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